Specialty: Full service (spay and neuter, dental, emergency, health and wellness, nutrition, rehabilitation)

As we continued to gain experience and grow our presence in Edmonton, Dr Tan realized there was a huge gap in the vet world. If a human has access to physio and rehabilitation after injuries or major operations then shouldn’t the animals of Edmonton as well? The next clinic we added to our team was Lakeview Animal Hospital. It is a full service small animal hospital that is also equipped with a state of the art rehab facility including water treadmill and laser therapy. We believe that all animals should have access to innovative and effective care and not be sent home with just a pamphlet on how to help your pet get better. We want to do the work for you and make sure your furry family member can continue to live like they did before any of their surgeries. To chat about any of your needs or if you’re wanting to book an appointment give us a call at 587-463-9002

Lakeview Animal Hospital
4351 Savaryn Drive SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 2E8
(587) 463-9002

Monday – Friday
9am – 6pm

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Anthony Henday Gateway Blvd. 97 st.

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